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Career Opportunities at Marks Clearing & Grading

Here at Marks Clearing and Grading we stick to our core values which are Pride, Faith, Family and Safety.
Marks Clearing and Grading is the number one fastest growing sitework company in the Triangle area and we value each of our employees as if they are an extension of our family.
We know that without our great employees we would not be in the position that we are at today and we believe in  flexibility within an employee’s family life and are very apt to taking personal and family matters into consideration.
We also firmly believe in upward mobility within the company and we really love to see employees grow within their career here. 

Come grow with us!

Why Should You Work with Us?

Competitive Salary

Complete the application to figure out what your salary could be working at Marks!

Good Working Environment

Mark's Clearing & Grading is a great place to work - just ask our current employees!

Pride & Safety

We only hire employees that take pride in their work and completing that work safely.

Faith & Family

We want our team to have a great work/life balance and be able to enjoy the fruits of labor.

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