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Clearing and Grubbing

We adopt a methodical approach to make sure the procedure begins and moves along quickly while enabling our team to enter the installation phases of the erosion control quickly.


We use highly trained experts who survey any building we are demolishing. These experts are trained on working with debris.

Erosion Control

The maintenance of our environment and the avoidance of sediment loss due to development operations are always of the utmost importance.

Grading and Excavation

Our crew is able to deliver high production with precise results thanks to a sizable fleet of cutting-edge machinery and the most recent GPS technology.

Residential Grading

Due to our reputation and broad clientele, our Residential Division is well known throughout the Triangle.

Retaining Walls

The design and construction of retaining walls is a specialty of Marks Clearing and Grading. To build a retaining wall that meets your needs, our team of experts will collaborate with you.

Stone, Concrete and Asphalt

The final steps are equally critical to the process as the initial ones, but it is crucial to carry them out quickly and meticulously.


The utility teams at Marks Clearing and Grading take great pride in installing sewage, storm, and water infrastructure with exacting technical precision.

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